Challenges Our Clients Face

We believe that leaders exist at every level of an organization. Whether you are
an influential colleague, a team leader, or a senior executive, you recognize how important team functioning and performance are. In an era of increasing complexity and uncertainty, leadership skills and team functioning are essential. Yet, leaders are pulled in multiple directions, with fluctuating demands and insufficient bandwidth to manage anything other than the current crisis. Leadership development, team building, strategic planning, and your own professional development take a backseat.
In this environment, how can leaders gain an objective perspective, manage conflict, increase employee engagement, make meaningful change, or lead and thrive through challenges?

Leading without authorityRole clarityBuilding sustainable change
Prioritizing challengesDecision-makingEstablishing a shared mission and vision
Time managementEffective communicationStrategic planning
Building a networkAccountabilityEnterprise-wide communication
Impostor syndromeEstablishing psychological safetyContinuous learning and improvement
Carving a professional niche/brandConflictEmployee engagement
Establishing a productive academic writing practiceUnclear goals and objectivesRecruitment and retention


Solutions We Offer

We believe in the power of people and trusted relationships, including your relationship with our team. We help leaders at all levels of an organization realize their full potential so they can achieve more, make values-based decisions, and help their teams and organizations thrive.Partner with us to start taking steps towards purposeful action towards leadership, team, and organizational development.

  • Individual coaching

  • Group coaching

  • Team facilitation and process consultation

  • Organizational change consultation

  • Trainings and workshops

  • Customizable packages

Potential Outcomes

  • Clarification of values and priorities

  • Improved emotional intelligence

  • Reduced unhelpful behaviors

  • Increased awareness of blindspots

  • Enhanced productivity

  • Improved leadership skills

  • Strengthened team functioning

  • Sustained organizational changeĀ 

Dr. Meaghan Stacy, FounderWith over 15 years of experience in consultation and systems change, I have served as an internal and external consultant, providing coaching and consultation regarding systems transformation and growth, leadership development, interdisciplinary team functioning, program evaluation, and organizational health. Through data-driven consultation and action planning, I drive performance improvement and cultural change.I encourage you to reach out to learn more about or connect with me, but a few highlights about my education and experience are highlighted below.

Selected Training, Education, and Experience

  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

  • Training or Certificates in: Leadership Development; Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt; Coaching; Organizational Change Management

  • 10+ regional and national awards

  • 50+ publications, including 2 books

  • 100+ presentations and speaking engagements

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